FlowMon Collector

FlowMon collector is a stand-alone server dedicated for collection, long-term storage and analysis of NetFlow statistics from FlowMon probes. For this purpose it is equipped with a huge disk capacity with RAID support. Network monitoring with multiple probes and one or more collectors is a professional solution for medium to large businesses. User can choose between NetFlow data analysis tools run on collector. He can use FlowMon Monitoring Center, Caligare Flow Inspector or any other NetFlow-compatible third party product. These tools differs in a way they store statistic data and in a user interface, which enables administrators, operators or managers to simply and quickly visualize the collected statistics. With special filters, the users are able to select particular communications based on source or destination host, used protocol, start time or many other properties acquirable by NetFlow technology. To make the network supervision more effective, those tools also offers automatic notification and alert sending in cases of anomalies or suspicious traffic

NetFlow Statistics Analysis and Visualisation

For NetFlow statistics analysis and visualisation we offer FlowMon Monitoring Center, which is a part of any FlowMon Collector.

FlowMon monitoring center (FMC) is a professional tool for effective NetFlow statics analysis. It is optimized for storing and processing high amounts of statistical data. For this reason, it is suitable for both networks with small and high number of probes. The traffic history and statistics are depicted in transparent graphs and tables in various time windows. FMC further allows advanced users to specify requests and filters on stored NetFlow data that enables those users to easily and quickly find particular communications, incidents or anomalies. The captured NetFlow data are stored in NfDump format, so users are free to use a large variety of NfDump-based tools to improve the functionality of FlowMon collector.

Target Applications

  • Centralized NetFlow statistics analysis
  • Central database for long-term network traffic statistics storage
  • Central point for FlowMon Probes configuration
  • Server for supervising network hosts & services availability and performance


  • High-performance collector for gathering data from multiple FlowMon Probes
  • Large disk capacity enabling storing of long-term statistics
  • Software or hardware RAID support
  • Best price/performance ratio in the industry
  • Optimized for fast searching in statistic data
  • Support for NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX, sFlow®, NetStream, jFlow including NBAR2, NSEL/NEL, MAC addresses, HTTP information, VoIP statistics and others