FlowMon Probe

The FlowMon probe delivers the flow-based monitoring for all networks from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. The probe provides detailed NetFlow v5/v9 or IPFIX statistics about who communicates with whom, when, how long, how often, using what protocol and service or how much data was transferred. These statistics are necessary for network monitoring, security, troubleshooting, IP accounting and billing, capacity planning, user and application monitoring or traffic engineering.

NetFlow data exported by FlowMon probe are transmitted to NetFlow collector (e.g. FlowMon Monitoring Center) for further procession. The collector performs NetFlow data collection (from one or more probes) and enables a user to visualize and analyze network statistics. Every probe integrates a built-in NetFlow collector, which enables quick evaluation and usage of the NetFlow technology for all – network and security operators, administrators and managers.

The main advantage of FlowMon probe is its ability to analyze every packet at wire-speed up to 10 Gbps. Unlike the routers, the probes are L2/L3 invisible appliances and mobile devices applicable in every point of network, so they are difficult to be attacked by a hacker. The probe placement location is usually an entering or exit point of analyzed network, critical points or links with highest bandwidth. The probe can be connected to the user network in three ways: via mirrored port (SPAN) of router or switch; via Ethernet splitter (TAP) directly into a monitored link or via built-in splitter directly into a monitoring link (accelerated models only).

FlowMon Probe configuration is provided by user-friendly web interface of FlowMon Configuration Center. The probe setting process is very simple enabling the user to have a fully functional NetFlow monitoring solution in a few minutes. Once the probe is connected and configured it works automatically with no maintenance needed.

Standard and Hardware-Accelerated Models

The FlowMon probe comes in standard or hardware-accelerated version. The standard model offers great performance for low price and is realized as compact 1U appliance. It provides up to 6 monitoring interfaces for 10/100/1000 Ethernet or up to 4 monitoring interfaces  for 10 Gb Ethernet. It can capture up to 500 000 packets/sec per 1GbE monitoring port or up to 1 500 000 packets/sec per 10GbE monitoring port, which is adequate for most of the networks.

The accelerated model offloads NetFlow processing to the hardware and offers the best performance in the industry for wire speed packet processing on high-load networks. It provides up to 4 monitoring interfaces for 10 Gb Ethernet. It can capture 14,5 million packets/s per port providing full throughput.


Target Applications

  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Users & Applications monitoring
  • Intelligent traffic and financial reporting
  • Network security analysis
  • IP-based accounting/billing
  • Capacity and topology planning
  • Lawful intercept


  • High-performance standalone NetFlow v5/v9 probe
  • Best price/performance ratio in the industry
  • Standard and hardware accelerated models
  • Wire speed processing with no packet loss
  • 10/100/1000 and 10 gigabit Ethernet support
  • 1x 10Gbps or up to 4x 10/100/1000 monitoring interfaces
  • Compact (1U or 2U rack mountable) and maintenance free network appliance
  • Non-invasive installation, simply plug into mirroring port or TAP
  • Simple configuration via intuitive web interface
  • Built-in NetFlow collector for quick technology evaluation
  • Fully compatible with all major NetFlow collectors
  • Up to 512 000 simultaneous flows and 6 million packets/sec
  • IPv4, IPv6, VLAN and MPLS support
  • L2/L3 invisible device